Friday, March 20, 2009

7 Months Old!

Another month has gone by and so many things have changed. Aiden is eating all his meals(well, most of the time..he does refuse lately) He likes applesauce, bananas, peaches and pears. He also like carrots and peas! He has recently refused the rice cereal and only eats oatmeal. He is getting very vocal. He will say "mamamamamamama" and lay on the floor and yell pretty loudly for attention. He is quite the little imitator now...he really watches what everyone does intently and will try it himself. He is also getting to be rough with pinching my neck and pulling hair!! He absolutely LOVES the cat! He gets so excited when Noah enters the room, he will slap his hands up and down on his lap and yell or laugh. It is so cute!

Aiden loves to play with all of his
toys. He also loves to get his hands on his brothers toys. Ethan is not very fond of that right now. But they sure are very fond of each other!

This what happens when I turn my head for a second! Aiden got a hold of his peaches and thought he was going to guzzle them from the container. Needless to say, it was a big MESS!

It's Cold Outside

This winter has been so cold, we have not been able to spend a lot of time outside. But when we do, Aiden seems to enjoy it. Not sure he really enjoys the snow but likes to look from afar.